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"A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to it's original dimension"
(Oliver W. Holmes)
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To ensure our services can meet highest quality available at current times, we constantly improve our knowledge and capabilities. Since we started this website just recently not that much of our knowledge and concepts is mentioned on the site already. Of course a lot of it will never be mentioned. But in the next couple of months we want to describe some of our concepts and methods here.

At the moment, you can find some info about the following concepts and methods:

For more information about these concepts and methods, just follow the links here or in the menu.


Employees spend a lot of time at work. Which is why it is quite important that the work environment is at least satisfactory. But it is desirable that employees are as satisfied as possible about their work environment. We at Wilvon Organization & Developments can review your work environment and give tips how to improve the work environment.

Correct attention to the work environment can prevent work-related illnesses and accidents. And improve health and safety for your employees and the environment. We can identify and prevent possible social, chemical, safety and other hazards to your employees.

When we review your work environment, we agree beforehand about aspects to be checked. Then we will make a review on the job taking organizational specific issues into consideration. After this we will both make a report and communicate both our findings and tips about improvements with you. If required, we can also be involved in solving the problems or optimizing the situation.

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