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"A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to it's original dimension"
(Oliver W. Holmes)
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To ensure our services can meet highest quality available at current times, we constantly improve our knowledge and capabilities. Since we started this website just recently not that much of our knowledge and concepts is mentioned on the site already. Of course a lot of it will never be mentioned. But in the next couple of months we want to describe some of our concepts and methods here.

At the moment, you can find some info about the following concepts and methods:

For more information about these concepts and methods, just follow the links here or in the menu.


In every environment, social aspects are very important and they can have a tremendous influence on results. Which is why it is very important that every organization takes care of optimal social processes and surroundings. Not only the behaviour and knowledge of managers and employees, but also aspects like vision, mission and business context of your organization determine the sociability of and within your organization.

We at Wilvon are very excellent in the social part. Which means that we can also supply excellent second opions or advice regarding sociability in your company. One of the excellent ways for second opinion is to hire us for a sociability check. When doing so, we agree with you about ways of checking and the issues we incorporate in the check. It might involve one or more groups of actors in your company, just one specific actor, and one or more issues related to sociability.

In this check, we might check the following. This non-complete list of activities can involve for instance:

  • Behaviour of actors like managers, CEO's and employees within your organization
  • A check on mobing, violence and/or ways of intimidation within your organization
  • The treatment of fixed and/or/apposed to temporarily employees within your organization

We are also very capable of executing some very broad and general check, emphasizing later on on the problems in your organization related to sociability. During that stage we can support you very well solving the problems.

Just get in touch with us through the contact pages if you are interested in more information or talking with us about an assignment!


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