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"A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to it's original dimension"
(Oliver W. Holmes)
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We have an attitude and passion for perfection in everything we do. This has a huge impact on the services we deliver. These services not only include the ones mentioned here, in fact we are able and willing to provide any service that involves more or less knowledge related to management and society.

We are very reliable, have good communication skills and are always reachable by phone or mail. We have among others an excellent expertise in the following functional areas:

Besides these services, we are able to deliver about each service that has to do with broad knowledge and experience in the fields of management and organization. Just feel free to contact us!

At several stages of the implementation and use of an ERP program within some organization, much attention has to be paid to the human factor. While the cognitive (structural) part of the implementation and use of these programs get much attention by means of some partner in consulting (like in the Netherlands for SAP the partners like LogicaCMG, Accenture, Atos Origin), the social part is either neglected too much or not implementated in most optimal ways. Since we have good experience with the problems that can occur before, during and after an ERP implementation, we can offer you very efficient and good advice and support.

Among the services we can offer are the following:

  • Recording your business processes before the start of the SAP implementation. When doing so, we can use our good logistics and management experience for offering consulting of high quality
  • Offering a second opinion relating to the implementation process and the efficiency of the SAP team
  • Support and training of key users and other ERP users within your organization
  • A quick-scan or extensive review of the effectiveness and use of the ERP system within your organization

Since we are very knowledgeable about the traps that can exist during and after implementation of ERP programs, we can often help SAP users in many ways. Just contact us if you need more information.


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