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"A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to it's original dimension"
(Oliver W. Holmes)
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We have an attitude and passion for perfection in everything we do. This has a huge impact on the services we deliver. These services not only include the ones mentioned here, in fact we are able and willing to provide any service that involves more or less knowledge related to management and society.

We are very reliable, have good communication skills and are always reachable by phone or mail. We have among others an excellent expertise in the following functional areas:

Besides these services, we are able to deliver about each service that has to do with broad knowledge and experience in the fields of management and organization. Just feel free to contact us!

There might be moments in time that your organization needs some temporaral input of knowledge by means of hiring one or more managers for some period of time. For instance when one of the current managers gets ill. Or is needed for another assignment for some short period or time. Even if none of this is the case, hiring an interim or change manager from outside your organization can add a lot to your succes. With the new manager, the opportunity to get an inflow of new (creative) knowledge and insights increases.

We at Wilvon can help you with several services related to interim management. Some examples of this services are:

  • Selecting possible candidates for interim managers fitting well into your organization and the assignment
  • Supporting the interim manager(s) and/or your organization during the time they are working with your organization
  • Taking care for fluent passing over of tasks and responsibilities between interim managers and the organization when they complete their tasks
  • Supporting sick or for other reasons absent managers to return to your organization in most optimal ways. This can for instance involve some extra training or reintegration of your managers. We can assure a professional and complete sollution.


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